User FAQ's
  • Registering as a user on courierfrog

      courierfrog does require registration, we are not an "instant quotes" web site where you would be charged full rate. On courierfrog, you get low prices from rated courier companies already making deliveries along a similar route.

      Accordingly it does take some time for quotes to come in as these couriers plan their routes and bid accordingly. Sometimes, it can be a few minutes, other times it may take a few days for the best rates to come in.

      You have two options when registering with courierfrog. If you are ready to list you job request now you can register as part of the job listing process at: > Get a Quote. - free.

      Alternatively you can sign up for a free account first at: > Join Up and then simply log in and list your job later when convenient.

  • What your account can do

      You can access and manage all aspects of your courierfrog account from My Pad - My Pad.

      Some of the features:

      - See all of your active jobs with links to edit, bids and delete
      - See expired jobs
      - See your successful jobs access contact information for chosen courier
      - Leave feedback on past transactions
      - Update personal information and email address and preferences
      - Change your password

  • Protecting your account

      courierfrog holds only minimal personal information on our servers, furthermore we hold absolutely no payment information such as bank details or credit cards. If you paid a deposit online, these were transacted via a reputable secure third party.

      To ensure a quick and easy service, by default you remain logged in to courierfrog unless you log out. So, in order to protect your courierfrog account, do remember to log off (especially if you are using a public computer).

      When choosing a password for your account. We recommend you use something which is personally easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. It's a good idea to use a combination of both uppercase/lowercase letters as well as numbers.

      You are entirely responsible for any actions taken under your account login. It is your responsibility to keep your account secure. Do not share your password with anyone.

  • Getting your listing details from ebay

      courierfrog have developed eBay tools which allow bidders to import eBay items they have won or are currently bidding on into courierfrog – ready to receive to bids from transportation service providers.

      Ensure you are logged in as a user and click the Get a Quote tab (or alternatively the list an item link in My Pad).

      1) Select this is an eBay auction item
      2) Enter the eBay auction ID number (this is the long number located on the top right of the eBay item page next to the title)
      3) Click Fetch Item Details
      4) courierfrog does the rest importing pictures and pickup address details!
      You can import an eBay auction item to courierfrog at any time before or after the end date.

      You don't need to have won the ebay item to get quotes on it from couriers, all quotes are obligation free so if you don't win the item then you don't need it delivered – simple. However if you are the winning bidder then you will already have your quotes ready so you know how much the delivery is going to cost you.

  • Why won't my photo upload?

      If you are receiving an error message when trying to upload your job listing photos onto courierfrog, please try the following:

      - Ensure your picture is in valid jpeg image format
      - Try to reduce the image size (open up the image in photo editing software and reduce the width and height)

      If despite trying the above you continue to experience problems, please contact customer support at

  • Accepting a couriers bid

      We've provided a rough guide to how much some common items roughly weigh to try and help you estimate your job weight, but don't worry too much about these details as most experienced couriers will have moved enough similar items to roughly know what to expect themselves.

  • Not sure about the weight or size of your job?

      To accept a bid, please follow these steps:

      1) Login to My Pad > My Pad
      2) Click on your job listing which will take you to your job page (with the bids displayed at the top just above the large map) and view bid
      3) Select your chosen bid by clicking on the "Accept Bid" button

      Please remember, a bid must be active in order for you to accept it. You cannot accept a bid that has been declined or withdrawn.

  • Asking a courier a question

      Your personal details are only exchanged with your chosen courier if and when you accept a price. Once you have accepted a bid you will be able to ask questions and communicate with the courier this helps to prevent the exchange of information outside of courierfrog and is designed to help give you more protection from entering into agreements outside the vetted environment of the site.

  • Withdrawing a job listing from the marketplace

      If you no longer require bids from couriers for whatever reason, please delete your request from the marketplace. This will stop you receiving bids and save couriers from wasting their time.

      Please follow these 2 steps:

      1) Log in at: > My Pad
      2) Click on the withdraw job button to the right of the job in question

  • Making changes to your job listing

      If after listing your job on courierfrog you find an error or omission or wish to change the details of your request at all, we have a facility for this.

      It is easy to edit your job, here are the steps:

      1) Ensure you are logged in by going to: > My Pad.
      2) Find job in question in active deliveries, click on edit job.
      3) Make the changes & ensure you click save all changes at the end.
      Please note you can only edit a job if it is active (i.e. you haven't already accepted a bid or deleted the job).

      If your job has no bids, then you are free to edit your job entirely.

      However, if you have already received bids then you will have to withdraw your listing and create a new one as this changes the terms of the job offer upon which your bids have been placed.

  • Why you pay a deposit?

      When you accept a bid on courierfrog, you need to pay a small deposit online through our secure payment system to courierfrog. This is to secure the booking with your courier. The deposit will be a percentage of the bid amount + VAT. For example if the successful bid was for £50 your deposit will be £4.50 + VAT leaving the balance owing to your courier at £45.50 inclusive of VAT couriers should NOT make a quote exclusive of VAT or any other hidden charges. We pride ourselves on our transparency of fees and prices. The only VAT charged to you will be on the small percentage deposit you pay to us to secure your delivery.

  • How & when should I pay my courier?

      Every courier will have their own methods and terms of payment which they should stipulate at the quote stage. However courierfrog strongly recommend that you check the payment criteria for your particular courier on their profile page – remember a courier you have used before may not accept payment in the same way as another courier you plan to use.

  • Can I be sure that my courier is trustworthy?

      courierfrog is not a haulier, carrier, freight forwarder or broker. Our site acts as a neutral channel where users and couriers can meet and enter into agreements.

      We are not and will not be involved in the actual transaction between users and couriers. Consequently, we have no control over the quality, safety, or legality of the transactions themselves. Although every care is taken to verify the identity of service providers courierfrog does not guarantee, prequalify or validate the claims of couriers related to their licensure, insurance or certification.

      Although courierfrog feedback does give a very good indication of a couriers trustworthyness we still strongly recommend users verify licenses, insurance and any other professional certifications that couriers claim to have once the bid is accepted, but prior to pickup.

      HGV and operator licenses can be checked at:

      If the courier claims to be a member of a trade association, look up that association on the web (Google) and the majority will have an online directory. Look up the courier there to verify their claims. False claims of membership to a trade association are taken very seriously both by courierfrog and the police.

      If the courier claims to be a limited company you can check the records at companies house:

      Diligence and scrutiny is the key here, if something doesn't add up don't just accept it or take their word for it. Couriers need to prove to you that they are trustworthy. Like any offline transaction do not proceed with it unless you are comfortable with it and your own decision.

      If you suspect a courier to be making false claims or attempting to secure work through misrepresentation please email

  • Getting in contact with the courier

      Firstly, please note that direct contact information for courierfrog couriers is not and should not be exchanged prior to bid acceptance. If you need to communicate with a courier before wanting to accept their bid, please see the previous FAQ article - how to ask a courier a question.

      Once you have accepted a bid from a courier, direct contact information is exchanged. The courier is urged to contact you first, so please, if the job is not urgent, do allow them some time to contact you.

      If after a reasonable period of time since bid acceptance you have not heard from your chosen courier, you should contact them directly. You will have been sent their direct contact information in the bid acceptance email. However, if you have lost this they can also be found via My courierfrog, follow these steps:

      1) Log in at: > My Pad
      2) Click on the "contact details" link under the job in question.
      If despite trying to contact the courier directly, you do not get a response after a reasonable period of time, please contact Courierfrog customer service at who will be happy to assist.

Courier FAQ's
  • Getting registered as a courier on courierfrog

      If you are a professional courier and wish to use courierfrog as a way of keeping your vehicles full and source extra work we are glad you found us.

      Importantly, courierfrog does not have any sign up fees or ongoing subscription fees. So, no overheads to worry about! We only charge a commission if and when you secure work through courierfrog.

      You can review the courierfrog fee structure in the Prices & Fees FAQ.
      Signing up as a courier on courierfrog is simple. Simply fill out the form at: https:/ > Join Up. You will then receive an activation email as well as a letter through the post containing a 4-digit pin number. This pin number validates your physical location address and needs to be entered into the courierfrog web site in order to start using the service.

  • The account validation letter

      When you join courierfrog as a courier we send out a letter to you in the post. This is sent by regular 2nd class post via Royal Mail. Within this letter is a 4-digit pin number. The purpose of this letter and pin number is to validate your physical address. Please note therefore that validation pin numbers cannot be sent via email.

      Letters are dispatched 1 business day after registration and can take up to 4 postal days to arrive. Please do allow a reasonable period of time to pass before contacting courierfrog to enquire as to its whereabouts.

      Once you have received your validation pin number, you need to login and enter this 4-digit number into the courierfrog web site. Here are the steps (which are also explained in the letter itself).

      1) Log in to My Pad at > My Pad
      2) Scroll down the page until you see a box asking for you to enter your validation code.
      3) Enter the 4 digit validation number and click validate me - you will instantly be able to start placing bids on listed jobs.

      In the event that your letter has not arrived and a reasonable period of time has passed, it could be possible that your letter has been lost in the post. Please follow these steps to request a new letter be sent out to you:

      1) Check the address on file is correct at: > My Pad > Profile
      2) Ensure Royal Mail recognise your address at:
      3) Contact courierfrog Customer Service at who will be happy to assist.
      Please note that if you are requesting your letter be sent to an entirely different address to the one with which you signed up, you account will be subject to additional security screening.

  • What your account & profile can do

      All of the major tasks and activities can be monitored from your own personal area on the site. This can be accessed at > My Pad

      From My Pad you can:

      - View messages sent to you by users and respond
      - View your current bids
      - View recently accepted bids
      - View unsuccessful bids
      - View completed jobs
      - Leave feedback on transactions (after a reasonable period of time)
      - Updated business information such as contact details
      - Update your profile page information
      - Change your password and/or email address registered to the account

  • Using the regular search for jobs

      Conducting a regular search for jobs on courierfrog is simple. Simply go to: > Search Deliveries

      By default, all of the active job requests will be displayed to you for all locations across Europe. These are sorted by the most recently requested first.

      You can then refine these if you so wish by;

      - category
      - keywords
      - job ID

  • How to conduct a local search

      To search for jobs which are local to you, please follow these steps:

      1) Go to > Search Deliveries
      2) Click on the "Local Search" tab at the top of the page
      3) Enter your location post code
      4) Specify the radius of the search that you are interested in
      5) Specify whether either the origin or destination or both must reside within the radius
      6) Click search
      All of those jobs matching those criteria will be returned.

      You can further refine these results by:

      - category
      - keywords
      - job ID

  • How to place a bid

      Firstly, in order to place a bid, you must ensure your courier account is fully activated and validated. Please ensure that you have received our letter in the post with the 4 digit pin number and that you have validated this on our web site.

      Once your account is fully validated, be sure that your profile page is complete to ensure that maximum chance of success with your bidding activity.

      Once you have conducted a search and identified a job which you wish to bid on follow these steps:

      1) Ensure you are logged in
      2) Click on the job listing of interest so that the job listing page is displayed (the one with the big map)
      3) Take a look at the details of the job including origin, destination, timeframe requested as well as other bids placed
      4) Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the bid form will be displayed
      5) Use the comments box to specify the use of a specific vehicle, the time frame for pickup/delivery and whether you bid/offer has an expiry date or specific deadline for confirmation.
      8) Read the important information (all bids must include VAT, no hidden extras are permitted, price is for the job etc)
      9) Enter your bid amount
      10) Click "Place Bid"

  • Communicating with users about your bids

      To make the process of responding to user questions across multiple jobs easier, you can make use of the messaging system which is located in My Pad > My Messages. Users will expect you to make contact with them once they have accepted your bid in order to finalise the job details and possibly enquire about payment.

  • I've had a bid accepted, what are the next steps and how do I get paid?

      When you place a bid you will have been told how much of the amount that you will receive after commission. This commission is paid by the user to courierfrog directly meaning you as a courier do not directly pay us anything. For example you bid £100.00 you will receive £91.00 the £9.00 commission comes to us directly from the user in the form of their deposit.

      This then simply leaves the remaining balance which you should collect directly from your customer. This must be via the normal payment methods and terms you accept as you specified under your profile page.

      Communication is key with any transaction. 99% of negative feedback is as a result of couriers not keeping communication channels open.

      When a user accepts your bid, they are expecting YOU to make contact with them and not the other way around. So, once you have established when you are likely to be able to carry out the job, do get in touch with them. The users direct contact information is sent to you in the bid acceptance confirmation email. However, it can also be viewed via "My Pad" under "Accepted Bids".

      Once you have gotten in touch with the user and carried out the service, you should leave feedback on how you found the experience. Be that positive, negative or neutral. You should also encourage your customer to do the same. The more positive feedback you accumulate on your account, the more work you are likely to win.

  • How does courierfrog charge for the service - what is the price/commission structure

      courierfrog has a very clear policy which strictly prohibits the posting of any direct contact information on the site. Furthermore, it is not permitted to post messages which may prompt a user to look off-site for the purpose of obtaining direct contact information.

      Contact information is only exchanged between parties if and when a bid is accepted.

      Abuse of this policy will result in account closure.

  • Contact Information Policy

      For couriers, we do not charge a sign up fee or any ongoing subscription fees whatsoever. We only charge a commission if and when work is secured.

      This is charged on a tiered basis. You can view the current fee breakdown structure in or Prices & Fees FAQ.